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CrazyWinners Casino Review

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According to statistics and research, CrazyWinners Casino stands out as a medium-size online casino income-wise. However, it is only a part of a much larger group of associated online casinos, when measured as a whole. Hence, despite its relatively small size, there are many things that you should know about the online gambling game at CrazyWinners Casino. Thus, by reading this review you will get some basic information on the game you can enjoy from home.


CrazyWinners Casino History

Let us begin with a history lesson. In late February of 2021, a Maryland man named Stephen Wagstaff was arrested and charged with money laundering after he had been caught on an airplane leaving Maryland with an enormous sum of money for real Las Vegas casinos. His original intent had been to set up an international gambling center in an old warehouse that had been rented out by two former WorldCom employees. This is when the review of this online casino begins. Mr. Wagstaff is said to have taken nearly $1.75 million from these companies and planned to distribute the funds amongst other companies and online casinos via credit cards.

CrazyWinners Casino

The name of the online casino that was eventually found to house the loot – CrazyWinners Casino – was actually coined by the man who had been entrusted with the task of investigating the case: Richard Legg. According to the review, Mr. Legg uncovered evidence that revealed the identity of the person who ran the scheme: Zbigno Dragalensky, a Ukrainian-born Moldovan national. Mr. Dragalensky is now in jail, while the identity of the person who wired the money – which ended up being a huge welcome bonus for the CrazyWinners Casino – was never revealed.

As you may guess, the whole system that was described in this article is indeed a highly organized scam. The whole operation has been run like a big cover-up. In other words, all that happened was that people were encouraged to deposit a large sum of cash (the amount that is mentioned in the welcome bonus), so that they could be eligible for a percentage of the jackpots on all the table games. There is absolutely no logic at all behind this idea. It is also highly suspicious that someone who was meant to be working in the casino’s IT department would be handing out cash and inviting others to place their bets.


CrazyWinners has a good reputation

The fact that this online casino has a good reputation rating is based on the following facts: the majority of its customers tend to give the website a good reputation rating, which is more than can be said about many similar online casinos. Moreover, the fact that the majority of its customers tend to give the site a good reputation rating does not necessarily mean that it is a site with high quality games or services. Many other gambling websites are often given higher reputation ratings by customers.

good reputation

To explain this further, a website with a high reputation rating may have attracted lots of new customers through the offers of free money when you sign up, which automatically boosts the website’s reliability of services and products. However, it will not necessarily mean that the site is offering good quality games or a good chance of winning huge jackpots. In the case of Crazy Winners Casino, a certain amount of money can be obtained by means of the welcome bonus, which means that the quality of the gambling service is not directly proportional to the money that can be won. Moreover, as all players are required to have a Facebook account to be able to play the games, this social networking website doesn’t exactly stand out in terms of having the most reliable gaming service.

Other than these two things, there isn’t actually anything else to see term of reference for CrazyWinners Casino. It is also worth noting that in addition to the promotions mentioned above, there was another promotional scheme which involved individuals being offered 1 million dollar bonus on their first deposit. All this means that while the website offers reliable casino gaming services and is relatively popular, it is far from the best.

Another thing to see term of reference for Crazy Winners Casino is the fact that a large number of the members actually don’t have Facebook accounts. This means that they can’t enjoy the benefits that the promo codes and the welcome bonus bring and therefore cannot make use of the ‘casino style’ interface. A large number of the players are attracted by the flashy website and want to join without considering whether they actually have Facebook capabilities or not. It is in this way that the Welcome Bonus and the deposit bonus of the CrazyWinners Casino come into force and allow it to become a highly popular online casino.

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