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Jubise Casino Review

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Jubise Casino is the latest addition to the range of online casinos that claim to offer the best in casino gaming. Jubise stands for “just right” and the aim of the “owners” is to create a top of the range casino with the best service and features available. They aim to exceed your expectations and have put a lot of effort into their design and layout too. The aim with “Jubise” is to make a serious gamer feel like they are playing in a real casino. Here is our review of “Jubise”.

“Jubise” is developed by a small team of casino industry veterans who were intent on developing a whole new casino centred on the “player experience” alone. We stressed the need for an easy to use, quick loading application, lightning fast loading times, a solid reward system that rewards loyal customers, and an excellent customer service team committed to customer satisfaction. From the outset, the Jubise Casino did not really live up to these high standards. The lack of a well designed and easy to use website and poor customer service continued to affect the amount of people playing the slots and table games, while the bonuses offered were few and far between.


Customer Service

customer service

After much debate, it was decided that the quality of the customer service was not as good as we expected. Our Jubise review team conducted a number of tests with regard to the customer service offered. First of all, we wanted to find out what the response had been to issues raised via the contact us form on the website. The answer was that very few complaints had been received, but the issue was that the service provided was very poor. There were a lot of negative comments, mostly regarding the payment process and the bonus offers. This was a big concern for many slot players who felt they had no option but to play at this online casino.


Deposit bonuses offered by Jubise Casino

The bonuses would obviously not be of any use to anyone if there was no real money to play with. Again, we found that the response had been positive overall, but some individuals complained that the bonuses offered were of little use. This would seem to be a problem with any online gambling casino, but it seems that the Jubise Casino took this matter into their own hands and made an effort to improve the situation.

A major bonus offered at the time was the “Mystery Gift”. Here, players were offered a free-casino deposit, which they would have to spend on a jubilee video poker chip. This was an amazing offer and one that we wanted to write about. However, in our review we were unable to see any evidence that this was actually the case.


Welcome bonus

Jubise Casino

Again, the welcome bonus had something to do with the money that can be made from the free slot that can be played during the welcome period. It is believed that this was a trial and error method designed to find out what the optimum number of spins on the slots could be, so that the casino could then offer the best possible welcome bonus in order to attract more traffic. At the time of writing this, we are not sure whether this method of encouraging new players actually works or not.

There was one other thing that the Jubise Casino did that was really good. They offered a second deposit bonus when the first one was used up. As we mentioned earlier, the welcome bonus had something to do with the money that can be made from the second deposit. It is believed that the casino staff were trying to balance the amounts of customers who were trying to play video poker with the number of video poker tables that they had available at the time. This may have been part of a plan to attract more new customers to the online casino by offering them a bonus for making their initial deposit.

Overall, the Jubise Casino was an enjoyable experience. The welcome bonus was generous, the games were entertaining and varied, and there were some nice extras including the free spins. It is one of the better casinos to sign up to if you like video poker. However, the fact that they didn’t offer a second deposit bonus makes this particular site less appealing.

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