Court of hearts


Court of Hearts is a casino game based around the story of a beautiful young woman, Alice, who lives in a lovely small town called Merced. Alice has recently had a broken heart and is feeling very down and out. However, when a handsome man named Daniel comes to town, she meets him and decides to go on a romantic date, hoping this will bring her back to life.

However, things do not go quite as planned and soon Alice finds herself involved in strange and dangerous events. One of these involves the use of a time lock on the casino machine. This causes all of the cards that are part of this deck to be destroyed and cannot be used again for a period of time. The first reaction that Alice makes is to throw herself into the arms of another man, but before she knows what is happening, the man has taken her away and transported her to a realm called the Court of Hearts.

Court of Hearts is a flash themed casino game that is extremely similar to the well-known Alice in Wonderland game. It takes place within an enchanted realm where all the cards are placed face down on a table. Each card has a different suit from around the four corners of the deck. To make a card to move up or down the court, a player must rotate it by clicking the mouse on one of the four corners. The basic mechanics of the Court of Hearts is the same as the Alice in Wonderland game.

Once the mouse is clicked on an eligible card, it moves up to the court. Moving a card from the court to a lower slot will cost money to do, so players should be careful about using their “money” wisely. When the last card in the deck is made into an eligible position, it will change to a “low card”. Placing a high card into a low slot will cost money to do, so only use your “money” when you are ready to play the “max draw” and you have some luck on your side.

Playing in the Court of Hearts is not like playing at any other casino. Unlike slots, there is a real casino feel to the whole play through. If you get stuck or if you find that you are having trouble with a particular card, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Most of the staff in this location are friendly and eager to help, even if they are playing for themselves!

Overall, Court Of Hearts is a good flash slot game that is fun for people of all ages. It can be played in-game or through a web browser if you don’t want to use a slot machine. If you like Wonderland, this game probably appeals to you. If not, well, you’re not going to like anything. Either way, Court Of Hearts is a good flash slot game to play!

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